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Should Mahathir be Leader of the Opposition?

Now that it is no longer in government, Pakatan Harapan needs to appoint someone to be leader of the opposition. Incredibly, one of the names being considered is none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad!

What are PH leaders thinking? Mahathir is, after all, the person who is most responsible for the downfall of PH. He’s the man who was scheming to do in Anwar and keep him from becoming prime minister despite promising to hand over power to Anwar as agreed to by PH leaders before the election. After all that he has done, he is the last person who should be appointed opposition leader.

Besides, it would be simply preposterous, even ridiculous, to have the PPBM president sitting as government leader in parliament and the PPBM chairman sitting as leader of the opposition! PPBM has made its choice. Mahathir can join them or sit with the opposition; what he shouldn’t be allowed to do is to helm PH again as its de facto leader.

I, for one, will have zero respect for PH if it doesn’t have the common sense to say, “Enough is enough. Never again!”

[Dennis Ignatius |Kuala Lumpur |26th April 2020]


Published by Dennis Ignatius

Passionate Malaysian | Former Ambassador and career diplomat | Political affairs columnist | Human rights and international affairs commentator

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