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Pigs in the house?


There was an interesting article in the media last September about the state of Malacca being invaded by pigs from across the Strait. Apparently, they were abandoning their habitat for greener pastures.

Barely a month later, there was another newspaper headline that read “Question on pigs sparks off heated exchange at Melaka state assembly.”

It looks like the problem has gotten much worse since then. Latest reports out of the Malacca state assembly appear to suggest that even the august assembly might now be affected. At a recent sitting, one member repeatedly kept sounding the alarm about pigs – “babi! babi! babi!” he repeatedly shouted.

Perhaps the Wildlife Department or a reputable pest control agency should be called in to catch the pigs and release them into the wild where they belong. No word yet as to whether the Agriculture Department will classify the site a pigsty since it clearly has a problem with pigs.

[Dennis Ignatius |Kuala Lumpur |17th May 2020]



Published by Dennis Ignatius

Passionate Malaysian | Former Ambassador and career diplomat | Political affairs columnist | Human rights and international affairs commentator

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