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Its not the public but the politicians who need educating

Commenting on the recent Timah whiskey controversy, former deputy Dewan Rakyat speaker Azalina Othman Said opined in Parliament that the government should find ways to better educate the public “to think in a more logical manner”. Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Rosol Wahid also talked about the need to produce a more “matureContinue reading “Its not the public but the politicians who need educating”


Passion Versus Privilege

Another article that caught my eye last week was the story of how Loi Tuan Ee, who grew up in Sitiawan, Perak, gave up a high-paying job in 2008 to pursue his passion for agriculture and dairy farming.  Today, his company – The Holstein Milk Company – supplies more than half of the fresh milk inContinue reading “Passion Versus Privilege”

Our indolent & corrupt political culture

There was an interesting snippet of news from Austria yesterday. Sebastian Kurtz, the very popular and well-liked Chancellor of Austria announced he was stepping down from office after allegations surfaced that he had used government funds to ensure positive coverage in a newspaper. He said he was stepping down so he could clear his nameContinue reading “Our indolent & corrupt political culture”

Is it about drink-driving or pushing a religious agenda?

The way some of our politicians are getting worked up about the whole drink-driving issue makes me wonder whether other agendas are driving the issue. Let’s get one thing straight: drink-driving (or driving while intoxicated) is just plain wrong. It endangers innocent lives and must never be tolerated. Many countries have very strict drink-driving lawsContinue reading “Is it about drink-driving or pushing a religious agenda?”

Crooks, the whole lot of them

The slew of accusations now being traded between former leaders about corruption, nepotism and malfeasance in office has, no doubt, confirmed what most Malaysians have long suspected: that their leaders are all corrupt and untrustworthy. They come around waving the flag and pretending to be great patriots but they are just opportunists out to enrichContinue reading “Crooks, the whole lot of them”

Pigs in the house?

There was an interesting article in the media last September about the state of Malacca being invaded by pigs from across the Strait. Apparently, they were abandoning their habitat for greener pastures. Barely a month later, there was another newspaper headline that read “Question on pigs sparks off heated exchange at Melaka state assembly.” ItContinue reading “Pigs in the house?”

Making policy on the fly

It looks like our Federal Territories Minister is hopelessly confused. In announcing the closure of pubs and restaurants that serve alcohol for the remainder of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period, for example, he opined that “Pubs that serve food are not restaurants. Even if it is a restaurant that has a pub, it is notContinue reading “Making policy on the fly”

Should Mahathir be Leader of the Opposition?

Now that it is no longer in government, Pakatan Harapan needs to appoint someone to be leader of the opposition. Incredibly, one of the names being considered is none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad! What are PH leaders thinking? Mahathir is, after all, the person who is most responsible for the downfall of PH. He’sContinue reading “Should Mahathir be Leader of the Opposition?”

Should the government spam the people?

Like many Malaysians I’ve been getting almost daily messages from the National Security Council (MKN) and other government agencies about the Covid-19 situation. I understand that we are in an emergency situation and the government might find the need to inform the public through all available means about urgent measures that need to be observed Continue reading “Should the government spam the people?”

What a cock-up!

The sheer incompetence of some of our ministers is amazing. They seem to be stumbling from one snafu to another – suggesting warm water could flush out the virus, strutting around in protective gear for no particular reason, encouraging housewives to act like Doraemon or be stoic in the face of domestic abuse, etc. AndContinue reading “What a cock-up!”