Making policy on the fly

It looks like our Federal Territories Minister is hopelessly confused. In announcing the closure of pubs and restaurants that serve alcohol for the remainder of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period, for example, he opined that “Pubs that serve food are not restaurants. Even if it is a restaurant that has a pub, it is notContinue reading “Making policy on the fly”

Politicians exploiting national emergency to promote themselves

The shameful behaviour of some of our politicians never ceases to amaze me. We are in a crisis, arguably the worst crisis this nation has ever seen. Life has become tough and the future is uncertain but the people are pulling together as best they can.  Our doctors and healthcare workers are behaving with a levelContinue reading “Politicians exploiting national emergency to promote themselves”

Duds, duffers & doraemons

Did you catch our newly minted finance minister, the one with the reputation of being a financial whizz-kid, on Astro Awani recently? If you did, you would, no doubt, have been surprised by how little he seemed to know about the details of the much-touted stimulus package. He couldn’t even adequately explain where all theContinue reading “Duds, duffers & doraemons”

Stop the politicking; work together

We are, as a nation, facing the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced. Thousands are sick, many are dying. The need for unity, at least unity of purpose, has never been greater.  Yet we see our politicians playing the usual political games. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is quietly finding ways to punish Pakatan Harapan (PH) byContinue reading “Stop the politicking; work together”

Leadership envy

In these days when news travels around the world faster than the speed of light, Malaysians can very quickly observe how our leaders stack up in comparison with other world leaders in managing the coronavirus pandemic. Going by social media comments, many Malaysians think our leaders are doing a terrible job compared to say SouthContinue reading “Leadership envy”

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